Offres d’emploi

PhD position on Quantum Transport in Disordered Semiconductors
A PhD position opens at EPSCI under the supervision of Marcel Filoche, with the aim to establish a new model of quantum transport in disordered materials, taking into account structural disorder at the nanoscale, by exploiting the localization landscape theory (see here for more details). This thesis will be part of a larger project, funded by the Simons Foundation, dedicated to wave localization (“Localization of Waves,” Interested candidates should contact Prof. Marcel Filoche, marcel.filoche at

3-year postdoc position on the modeling of large-dimensional optical meta surfaces
Applications are invited for a 3-year postdoctoral position at LP2N in Bordeaux. 
 The work will involve developing theoretical tools and approximate models to predict how light is scattered by large sets of randomly or ordered meta-atoms, see here for more details. The postdoc is expected to start on septembre 2023. Interested candidates should contact Philippe Lalanne at philippe.lalanne at

Postdoc position at the University of Toronto
Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Position in the Physics Department at the University of Toronto for Theoretical Research in Condensed Matter Physics and the Science and Applications of Photonic Crystals. The hired postdoc will work with Prof. Sajeev John in topics including light-matter interactions in photonic crystals, sound sculpting in phononic crystals, and topological spintronics. Applications to solar energy harvesting, optical bio-sensing for medical diagnostics, and novel quantum phenomena will also be considered. Familiarity with numerical and computational methods is required. A more detailed description of recent research can be found at or here 

Postdoc position on many-body quantum dynamics, LPT Toulouse, France
Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship on the topics of non-equilibrium quantum matter (quantum dynamics, many-body localization, entanglement, etc). The position is for two years, with a starting date ranging from Spring to Fall 2024.  The postdoc will work in collaboration with F. Alet and N. Laflorencie. Interested candidates should preferentially have a background in quantum many-body physics and/or computational physics. Applications with a CV and a brief research statement, and names of at least two referees should be sent to  fabien.alet at and nicolas.laflorencie at

Postdoc position in theoretical many-body quantum physics
The research group of Prof. Peter Schlagheck at University of Liège (Belgium) is offering a two-years (full-time) postdoctoral position in the field of theoretical many-body quantum physics, focusing on the challenge of creating highly entangled NOON states with ultracold atoms via Floquet engineering (see here for details). Applications should contain a CV and a cover letter, including the contact details of two references. They should be sent to peter.schlagheck at Applications received until Friday October 27th (2023) will be preferentially considered.

Postdoc position at LKB (Paris)
A postdoctoral position in theoretical physics opens in the « Quantum theory, Atoms and Fields » group of LKB (campus of Sorbonne Université, Paris). The aim of the postdoc will be to develop a scattering description of Casimir forces between metallic plates, by properly treating the non-specular reflection of virtual photons on the impurities embedded in the metal. The main objective will be to understand how these heterogeneities affect the Casimir force and whether their account can reconcile theory and experiments. The research work will involve theoretical methods such as diagrammatic treatments of disorder scattering, random-matrix theories and Casimir physics, as well as numerical methods. Applicants should contact Serge Reynaud (serge.reynaud at and Nicolas Cherroret (nicolas.cherroret at with a CV including reference names and a motivation letter. More information about the job offer here.

Postdoc position at LP2N (Bordeaux)
A  3-year postdoctoral position at Bordeaux on Modelisation and design of disordered optical metasurfaces opens in Bordeaux (see attached document for more details). The project will start on September 2023 at the Laboratoire Photonique Numérique et Nanosciences (LP2N) and will last 5 years. It will gather skills on complex media, electromagnetism, nanophotonics, rendering, structural color and nanofabrication. The present offer concerns a 3-year postdoc pomodelization and design. More information on the group  can be found at Applicants should contact philippe lalanne (philippe.lalanne at with a resume including reference names and a motivation letter. More details here